Campaign to Stop Funding Hate (CSFH)

CSFH has been discussed at several places in the report.  FAQs on the website describe is at as a diverse group of people of Indian origin living and working in India and the United States[1].  However, the diversity’s limited membership includes individuals who are really FOIL members and members of organizations affiliated with or started by FOIL.  As discussed in the report, CSFH’s members include the following, among others: Biju Mathew, Vijay Prashad, Ali Mir, Vinay Lal, Balmurli Natrajan Ra Ravishankar, Ashwini Rao, Angana Chatterji, Raja Swamy and Samip Mallick.  In addition, as show in Figure 7, CSFH’s website is hosted by, a shadowy organization discussed earlier, which in itself is registered to the organization FOSA.  CSFH and FOSA used to share the same mailing address in Stanford, CA.[2]  Furthermore, the Publication Sites section of its website, besides self-promoting, lists a host of leftist/communist group sites such as Sabrang Communication and Publishing (India)[3] (a partner of CSFH), The South Asian Citizen’s Web (France)[4] (another partner of CSFH), Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia[5], Coalition Against Communalism[6] (started by FOIL and CSFH members), Progressive South Asian Exchange Net (PROXSA)[7] (which is the main site of FOIL), Dissident Voice[8], etc.  It is also important to note that these partners and affiliates produce the ‘analysis’ of CSFH word for word on their website, without for any further review or critique; this questions the objectivity of such organizations and outlets.  It is a tactic followed by FOIL and its affiliates on many reports and issues.  Chapter V provides examples of such collaboration in greater detail.

CSFH claims its goal to be as follows: “We are bound by one common goal: an India without hatred, where people are not persecuted because of their faith or political beliefs.”[9]  Yet, their campaigns are targeted only towards cultivating hatred for Hindus and Hinduism, as illustrated by the views, writings and political leanings of the organization’s members.  Persecutions and conversion of Hindus are not on their radar.

[2] See Harsh Kapoor’s announcements on the distribution list of INSAF.  The January 27, 2002 Press Release titled “PEACE DEMONSTRATORS URGE INDIA & PAKISTAN TO RESUME DIALOGUE” lists Akhila Raman and others under the contact information and the address of Friends of South Asia as P.O. Box 20136 Stanford, CA 94309., accessed July 22, 2011

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