Chapter IV. Some Organizations In the Nexus

While the report so far offers detailed analysis of the views and activities of the Forum of Inqualabi Leftists (FOIL) and touches upon some of their affiliate and sister organizations, the following section delves into greater details on various organizations and entities that are part of the nexus shaping anti-Hindu and anti-India worldviews.

  1. Campaign to Stop Funding Hate (CSFH)

  2. Friends of South Asia (FOSA)

  3. Association for India’s Development (AID)

  4. Asha for Education

  5. SINGH Foundation

  6. Sabrang Communications Private Limited

  7. Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC)


One response to “Chapter IV. Some Organizations In the Nexus

  1. Myth: It is because of cpm presence that the caste system was eradicated from Kerala..
    Reality: In 1988 Srinarayana Guru installed Shiva Linga in Aruvipuram, which was a spiritual revolution, challenging the authority of Brahmins in religious matters such as installing idols and building temples. By 1912 Sreenarayana Guru founded temples through out Kerala and Mangalore where lower caste people performed Puja… all these happened much before even the cpm party was founded… how can the cpm claim the credit for the almost casteless society in Kerala?

    If cpm were the reason behind eradicating caste system, why West Bengal after such a long cpm rule is one of the state which still has got worst caste based discrimination. Why West Bengal is the only state, where the worst feudal system of man pulling carts, where usually carts carrying upper caste people are being pulled by lower caste people still exists?

    Do you still believe Kerala is a front-runner state in many of these areas because of cpm?? cpm usually fool the people showing Kerala’s development in many areas (though the glory is fading slowly) and taking credit for all those.

    These are based on UNDP reports.. these are statistics… not just jargons…cpm counter these statistics with their usual cpm jargons…

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