The Report

The report Forum of Intentional Liars: The Indian Communist/Christian Missionary/Islamist and Its Anti-Hindu/Anti-India Agenda relies on data from the websites and writings of various organizations and individuals discussed here.  It also relies on data from scholarly books, newspapers, journals, magazines and blogs.  In addition, the report is diverse in its sources and does not rely on a handful of perspectives.  Click here to download the report as a PDF.

Chapter I provides a brief background on the Forum of Inqualabi Leftists (FOIL) and sheds light on some of the big wigs of FOIL and those from whom FOIL derives its views on Hinduism and India.  Figure 1 provides a model that illustrates how the nexus of Communist/Christian Missionary/Islamist organizations and individuals nourishes anti-India/anti-Hindu worldview.  Figure 1 is a visual overview of a number of themes discussed in the report.

Chapter II offers a detailed analysis of FOIL’s disturbing views on Hinduism, Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, etc.  This chapter starts to analyze the connections between FOIL and its affiliates, along with Christian and Islamic organizations.  It also offers substantial information on Communist and Christian Missionary organizations that were involved in successfully torpedoing the efforts of Hindu groups to seek a fair portrayal of Hinduism vis-à-vis other religions in 6th grade California textbooks.

Chapter III provides a visual illustration of the interconnectedness of various FOIL organizations parading as secular/human rights organizations.  Figure 6 demonstrates that though these groups claim to be separate they contain the same people, are registered to the same people and/or have been started by the same people.  Table 1 offers registration details of some of websites associated with FOIL and its affiliates.  The information has been gathered from the websites themselves as well as Domain Lookup Services such as

Chapter IV examines a plethora of organizations and individuals within the Communist/Islamist/Christian Missionary nexus.  It drills deeper into their views, activities and supporters and attempts to highlight their nefariously anti-Hindu/anti-India agenda.

Chapter V provides some specific examples of how the nexus members promote and work with each other to influence policy making, to provide fodder for shaping anti-Hindu/anti-India agendas as well as to further a worldview that regards Indian civilization as a chaotic mishmash of religious and cultural identities that is a ticking time bomb.  In the same purview, Hinduism and India are continuously declared as oppressors of women, minorities and Dalits.


2 responses to “The Report

  1. Excellent blog, Abhimanyu. Once a person starts to look closer at these organizations, their anti-Hindu agenda becomes clear. Thanks for your hard work, and your blog posts will go a long way in educating others.

    • Hello Amit,

      Thanks for the feedback. Agreed. And, this nexus is now shaping an anti-Hindu bill in India. See here for a list of names. If this bill passes, essentially all Hindu organizations (and especially the ones who are fighting for Hindu causes) will be targeted by the government.

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