Controversial Quotes

The Ramayana argues for the colonization of the peoples of the subcontinent while the Ramcaritmanas argues for the worship of an iconic figure rather than, for instance, a consideration of the Upanishads’ metaphysics. – Vijay Prashad, Chair of South Asian History and Professor of International Studies, Trinity College.  Founding member, Forum of Inqualabi Leftists

Coming back to Samskara, we see that not surprisingly, humanist teachings in Hinduism arise not from our host of gods and goddesses whose life stories are many times filled with outrageous kinds of deceit, manipulations, selfishness and greed…Indeed, when one such God tried to play the role of a guru as seen above in the Gita, the teachings are quite clearly non-humanistic. – Balmurli Natrajan, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, William Paterson University.  Member, Forum of Inqualabi Leftists

Hinduism is a religion of violence. All Hindu gods killed their enemies and became heroic images. This is the only religion in the world where the killer becomes god. Whom did they kill? From Brahma to Krishna, those who were killed were Dalitbahujans. Now these images and the stories and narratives and everything is out there in the civil society. Now, because of this, the consciousness of worshipping the killer or worshipping violence did not give any space for human rights… for Hindu dharma, resolving of a conflict is only by killing. There is no other discourse. Debate is not there. You have to kill the enemy. – Kancha Ilaiah, author of ‘Why I am Not a Hindu’, in an interview written by Forum of Inqualabi Leftists

The Marxists have long subscribed to the view that Gandhi was a ‘romantic’, a hopeless idealist and even hypocrite; to this a chorus of voices added the thought that Gandhi was an insufferable ‘puritan’. Vinay Lal, Associate Professor of History, UCLA.  Member, Forum of Inqualabi Leftists

I just returned from Patna, India, and am sending this praise note from Calcutta, en route Chennai. But the spectacular baptismal event that has dwarfed the others took place in Patna, where we had in all two batches of 135 converts baptized in the river Ganges – in the very ‘Holy river’, where millions of the idol and demon worshipping pagans go every once in awhile to have a holy dip. – Bishop Ezra Sargunam, head of Evangelical Church of India

[The] Patels began sponsoring a number of Hindu religious outfits and backing Hindutva organisations in the state, thus presenting themselves as ardent Hindus, and, therefore, as ‘high’ castes. One aspect of that newly constructed identity as super-Hindus was a deep hostility towards Muslims. In fact, the Patels, who comprise more than 30% of the Gujarati population, played a major role in the 2002 anti-Muslim genocide. – Mukul Sinha, a speaker at the 2010 MIT Workshop organized by Indian American Muslim Council, in a 2007 interview with Yoginder Sikand, an affiliate of Forum of Inqualabi Leftists.

 [The NRIs’] ‘patriotism’ is simple: they are jingoistic for whomever will allow them the freedom to make money. Whether saffron or red/white/blue, these cats are heavily into the green…And what are issues that motivate desis? Things to do with the ‘homeland’ or things that have to do with the exploitation and oppression of desis and others in the U.S. – Vijay Prashad, Chair of South Asian History and Professor of International Studies, Trinity College.  Founding member, Forum of Inqualabi Leftists

A country not only divided between Mahommedan and Hindoo, but between tribe and tribe, between caste and caste; a society whose framework was based on a sort of equilibrium, resulting from a general repulsion and constitutional exclusiveness between all its members. Such a country and such a society, were they not the predestined prey of conquest?…India, then, could not escape the fate of being conquered, and the whole of her past history, if anything, is the history of the successive conquests she has undergone. Indian society has no history at all, at least no known history. What we call its history, is but the history of the successive intruders who founded their empires on the basis of that unresisting and unchanging society. – Karl Marx, The Future of Results of British Rule in India.  July 22, 1853


11 responses to “Controversial Quotes

  1. my blood boils…. education about our own history and culture is a must along with its proper articulation.most hindus are in a state of comatose while others [ me in this category] intuitively recognise that we are slowly being ‘done in’…but are either not educated enough or articulate enough to counter the much more erudite leftists.anyways, just writing to say thank you for this blog–it gladdens my heart and gives me a sense of hope whenever i read someone who so articulately defends hindu/ism…

    • Dear Aparjita,

      Thank you for your kind words. We all have a part to play in this. I am playing my part and doing my Karma because that is the only right I have. We need to educate our fellow Hindus and Indians all over the world about this all out assault on Dharma.

    • You are not alone. This silent majority is beginning to be heard. Please continue to speak up.

  2. Dear Abhi,

    I am delighted to see some one out there tryin to put our point across..

    am just disgusted with the amonht of hindu bashing and tyranny thats going on in this country under congress rule ..

    may our tribe increase…”satya meva jayate “

    • Dear Vikz,

      Thanks. We all must preserve and protect our Dharma and expose the nefarious intents and designs of these individuals and organizations. It’s amazing that such controversial people get awards, money and support when it comes to Hindu bashing, while anyone that says “Islam is a religion of violence” or “Bible argues for the oppression on non-Christians” can kiss their career (and possibly their lives) goodbye. Would any of the folks quoted here or throughout the website be given a Doctorate or be appointed to a prestigious Chair?


  3. Hi Abhi,
    The so called Liberals of India is a product of Anti-India and Anti-Hindu Organisations and Countries. Thanks for providing the details. We Hindus should fast make largest Vote Bank against the so called Liberals. The “Liberals” is the only one which is attacking India and Hinduism directly. They shed crocodile tears for the so called lower cast people. But being an OBC I don’t support them at the cost of Hindu Dharma and Our Motherland. Its high time to expose them and denigrate them. We need to restore the Hindu unity, because its only the Hindu Unity which can perish such an Anti-Indian Organisation or Party. As for the Cast system in India, I am educated by the “Agneeveer . c o m”site about the true essence of it, which was never against the so called lower cast. We Hindus must unite of face extinction. The Communist in Kerala is openly bashing Hinduism. The state Temples and shrines are now in Govt. control. Even they are advocating for the Government takeover of the famous Vishnu temples where recently treasures are found. And propagating the usage of the Hindu treasures to be used for the “Secular” cause.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree with the fact the Jati-Varna system (the word “caste” is a foreign label imposed upon Hindus) had a very different purpose than what it is now portrayed as. However, the West and the anti-Hindu elements continue to propagate outdated and incorrect theories. And, the so-called “Liberals” who trumpet the same themes are merely serving their masters abroad.

      Hindus and Indians in India need to take the matter seriously or face extinction for sure. Even though the Church and the State are separate in the USA, the government cannot even think about misappropriating Church money or taking over the management of a Church. That would cause a civil war and an instant revolution. Amazingly, in India, the government can take over a Hindu temple but cannot dare do the same with Christian churches or mosques.

      I am glad to hear that even people from the so-called “OBC” status in India (an unfortunate label in my opinion, because I don’t consider you any different than me…we both share the same blood) are against such anti-Hindu/anti-India views and agendas. We need more and more such fellow Hindu brothers and sisters to step forward and take the matter in their own hands.


  4. Hindus require to consolidate themselves and move above caste barriers. Further emphasis must be given for the following good practices rather than rituals. Probably a day would come that american’s are more hindus by belief rather than rituals

  5. Sankar Narayan

    Unfortunately, the rot runs deep. Western (Christian) propaganda about the ills of Hinduism and the attribution of most social problems to the caste system has made most Hindu intellectuals defensive about their religion and extremely reluctant to defend it; in fact, most of them don’t even admit to being Hindu. Leftists have also pounced on it since they are incapable of viewing anything outside of the leftist framework of class war (and caste plays well to this analysis). Since leftists have cornered most academic positions due to the prolonged socialistic bent of the Indian government, they dominate most academic discourse about Hinduism. The result of this is that Hinduism has been adrift for the last sixty years (at least). Unless Hindus recapture this lost ground, and start to challenge Christian (and now Muslim) propaganda with sound logic and facts based on careful research, evangelistic faiths will continue to chip away at the Hindu polity.

  6. Shankara / Chr. Stadler

    Dear Abhimanyu,
    thank you for sharing your knowledge. Im a 47 Years old “westener” who embraced Sanatana Dharma 25 years ago. I will start a homepage about the ways christian Missionaries and others are acting against hinduism/India when back in Austria. Now Im in Tamil Nadu till March16. Can you tell me some good sources like online newspapers, magazines, webpages where I can get usefull informations? 88 million german speaking people are only getting filtred or false informations about Hinduism and India. I would like to do something. I`ve already spendet 5 years in India and see it as my home too. It is a desaster what is going on! Hope you will answer!

    Om Namah Shivaya /Jay Hind

    • Someone who ‘knows’ cannot but fail to feel like this. I can only suggest that the Gita is replete with responses to several such ‘social’ situations as well. I think the other side seems to win only because they sound to be ‘cocksure’. Soem of that tactic needs to be applied even if in places it is against the essence of the teaching of Sanatana Dharma. I think a devotee of saakaar brahma is enjoined to devote himself to his ishta with something close to fanaticism ( short of killing). Some of that energy may be required to fend off the onslaught of the Bible and Marx thumpers.

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