Important Illustrations

Below are some essential illustrations from the report.

Figure 1 is a model depicting how the nexus works together to cook up anti-Hindu/anti-India opinions in the world today.  The model is a good flowing summary of the relevant arguments found in the report.

Figure 6 of report, shown below, demonstrates the connections between various Leftist/Communist organizations.  The Figure shows that while the various organizations and groups claim to be separate entities and while they try to create a mirage of a multitude of organizations fighting for some common cause, in reality, they are all started by the same people or are registered to the same people or a run by the same people.  In the end, all roads lead to FOIL.

For example, Rajasekhar Ramakrishnan, an old time FOIL member and Secretary-Treasurer of SINGH Foundation is the registering agent for FOIL’s website as well as those of SACW, INSAF and SINGH.  Similarly, Akhila Raman, another FOIL member is the registering agent for CSFH; FOSA member Ramkumar Sridharan is the registering agent of YSS, the Youth Wing of FOIL as well that as of Ekta.

The figure also shows that the websites of FOIL affiliates are in turn hosted by other FOIL affiliates.  For instance, Ekta hosts the sites of CSFH, FOSA, CAC, NRI-SAHI, Anand Patwardhan, Rakesh Sharma, and Organizing Youth! (associated with YSS).

Many of the links on each of the websites are broken or point back to the same websites.  For example,  points to (as of July 21, 2011).  In the same manner,  has a notice saying “EKTA is temporarily on hiatus.  We recommend you visit Friends of South Asia in the meantime. (as of July 21, 2011)”[1]

The information has been compiled from the individual websites as well as from

Table 1 provides addresses and other registration details for the various websites shown below to further illustrate the points made above.  Again, this table is sourced from FOIL and its affiliates’ websites as well as

[1] See Right Sidebar Announcement at, accessed July 21, 2011.


3 responses to “Important Illustrations

  1. Dear Arjun,
    Great reasoning and logic at use. Love your charts. very rigorous and academic….nobody can refute the facts. I can see a second generation of ‘breaking India’ like body of works in the making….kudos. keep up the good work.

    • Dear Mani,

      Thank you for the feedback. Please also forward to others. I will post new materials as time permits since this stuff requires serious time and effort and to dig down into the bottomless world of the internet.


  2. Dear Abhimanyu
    The illustration 1 is an eyeopener and is consistent to what i am learning these days……
    Keep it up and please keep the blog alive..

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