2008 IAMC Convention

The 2008 IAMC Convention focused on the theme of “The Idea of India: Challenges and Prospects.”[1]  However, the ‘idea’ was to cast India and Hindus again as oppressors of minorities.  In yet another blind attempt to equate clashes in India with civil rights movement struggles in the US, Congressman Keith Ellison “described the struggle of Indian Muslims as parallel to the struggle of other groups in United States who have fought for civil rights”.[2]  Similarly, the convention featured various screenings of documentaries such as “Impunity: A Roadblock to Justice”, “Encountered on Saffron Agenda?”, and “In the Name of God”, along with a documentary on Dalits.[3]  Another panel on “Strengthening India’s Secular Democracy” featured Angana Chatterji and Omar Khalidi.[4]  Angana Chatterji was then awarded the Tipu Sultan Award for “Courageously Serving India.”[5]

Similarly, in 2004, Kaleem Kawaja, who was discussed in Chapter IV, received the Tipu Sultan Award for the same “service” as Chatterji.[6]

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