2005 IAMC Convention

In 2005, IAMC organized its third annual convention in Detroit, Michigan.  The list of speakers at the convention included Fr. Cedric Prakash, Omar Khalidi (who is introduced as Indian Muslim Historian and Scholar at MIT), and Biju Mathew, Raju Rajagopal (who is introduced as belonging to an organization called Promise of India), John Prabhudoss, Lise McKean and many others.[1]

Congressman John Conyers, who gave the keynote speech and accepted the Malik Al-Shabazz Award from IAMC, equated the struggle of Indian Muslims and other persecuted minorities in India to that of the Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr.[2].  This is yet another attempt to superimpose racially based discrimination in US on to the internal issues of India and follows the same pattern of demonizing Hindus and India as that followed by the Communist and Christian organizations.  Khalidi, in the same convention declared: “What is good for India is good for Indian Muslims and What is good for Indian Muslims is good for India.”[3]  However, such statements are not considered ‘communal’ by IAMC or any of the Communist and Christian organizations since they did not come from a Hindu.  Had a Hindu leader made similar comments related to Hindus and India, she or he would be labeled as ‘chauvinist’ or ‘fascist’ immediately.  Biju Mathew was given the Tipu Sultan Award for “courageously serving India and India’s interests”[4] while Raju Rajagopal was given the Bahadur Shah Zafar Award for “promoting pluralism and communal harmony in India”[5].

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