Chapter II. FOIL on Hindus and Hinduism

As mentioned earlier, FOIL’s views on Hindus, Hinduism and India are highly biased, unsubstantiated and based on the research of scholars with questionable credentials or without lack of specialty.  This is very much an example of the blind leading the deaf.  Each has to rely on the other’s faculty and their world view is shaped on what information they feed each other.  Furthermore, FOIL and its affiliates are highly selective in their analysis and excel at half-truths.  And, they use this view to examine and ridicule other organizations and individuals.

  1. Section 2.01 Sanatana Dharma – A narrow version of Hinduism

  2. Section 2.02 Critique of Biases Against Hinduism = an Attack on Free Speech

  3. Section 2.03 Bhagavad Gita – A Non-Hindu Text with Non-Humanist Teachings

  4. Section 2.04 Ramayana Argues for Colonization

  5. Section 2.05 Sketchy South Asian History

  6. Section 2.06 Shivaji – A Questionable Monarch

  7. Section 2.07 Hinduism = Spiritual Fascism

    1. Advocating a Civil War in India

    2. FOIL and Kancha Ilaiah

  8. Section 2.08 Maligning Hinduism in 6th Grade Textbooks is OK

    1. Important Players opposing the edits Suggested by Hindu Groups

  9. Section 2.09 NRIs – Unintelligent, Hindu Extremists; Not Enough Drunks

  10. Section 2.10 Indian Independence – Hegemonic Vision of National Community


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