Biju Mathew

Biju Mathew is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Rider University in New Jersey.[1]  Mathew is the co-founder of FOIL.  While his background seems to be in Business and Information Systems[2], Mathew seems to be obsessed with ‘Hindutva’, and describes it as a “…nationalist ideology, based on modern day version of centralized intolerant Hinduism”[3].  In 2002, Mathew, along with other members of FOIL and the South Asian Marxist/Communist community, started a group called ‘Campaign to Stop Funding Hate’(CSFH), which launched attacks on two US based Hindu organizations – the Indian American charity known as India Development and Religious Fund (IDRF) and the US Hindu youth organization known as Hindu Students Council (HSC).  FOIL initiated the attack on HSC in the 2007 Youth Solidarity Summer (youth wing of FOIL, started by Mathew) conference, held at the Marxist organization Brecht Forum in Manhattan, NY.  Mathew is associated with Brecht, which he describes as a “…leftist educational space started way back in the Reagan era when anything leftist was anathema in America”[4]

During the 2002 attack IDRF, Mathew, in an interview claimed:

I am clear that all forms of right-wing religious fundamentalist and obscurantist groups need to be opposed. If there are petrodollars coming into India to fund radical Islamist groups, that needs to be investigated and stopped. Likewise in the case of funding to Christian evangelist groups to engage in proselytism. So, we’ve been equally critical of radical Islamists and right-wing Christian groups as we have of the RSS…[5]

Mathew is extremely sincere on his tirade against Hindu organizations and exposing their “hateful agendas” but completely ignores any investigation of Islamist and Christian evangelical groups operating in India and creating communal discord.  In fact, one would be hard pressed to find any investigative articles or reports compiled by Mathew, FOIL or CSFH regarding the much detailed channeling of American and European church donations to conversion activities in India.  Investigative journalism website and newspaper Tehelka, in a report titled Preparing for the harvest…, provides painstaking and extremely disturbing details on such activities.

Religious expansionism has not witnessed this scale, scope, and state resources in a long time. Detailed investigations by Tehelka reveal that American evangelical agencies have established in India an enormous, well-coordinated and strategised religious conversion plan… At the heart of this complex and sophisticated operation is a simple strategy-convert locals and then give them the know-how and money to plant their own churches and multiply.[6]

Tehelka goes further and describes the worldwide evangelical plans in India.  “The launch of the Joshua Project in the mid-1990s resulted in scores of American research teams arriving in India to lay preliminary roadmaps for the church-planting mission.  In India, a coordinated gospel literature distribution exercise was staged to reach 600,000 villages by the end of 2000.”[7] Tehelka also mentions that the prime target of these Christian missions was nine northern and central states of India, because:

The Gangetic belt is one of the most heavily populated regions of the world. Forty percent of the Indian population lives here;  New Delhi is the capital and centre of political power in India;  It is the most socially deprived area of India (the Hindi belt has a literacy rate of 30 percent, infant mortality is double the national average and the government of India officially designates four of these states as BIMARU (sick));

This area of India is known as the heartland of Hinduism, a religion that boasts of some 33 million gods; and It has the smallest Christian presence in all of India. According to the 1991 census, the Christian population of North India is 0.5 percent of the total population.[8]

These and other facts are widely available on the net and in official church documents.  Malhotra and Neelakandan diligently expose the network of these groups as well as their connections with Leftist/Communist individuals, government entities and corporations.

The above statements show that the clear targets of these Christian organizations are Hinduism and Hindus. The numbers are astronomically higher in comparison to the ‘foreign funding of hatred’ that Mathew and others accuse Hindu organizations of.  Why hasn’t Mathew, a champion of Marxism and Leftist ideals, been ‘equally critical’ and opposed this ‘harvesting of souls’ and ‘funding of hatred’ in India?  Can it be that his Christian background doesn’t allow his conscience to rebel against his own faith?  That would be even more disturbing given his Marxist and therefore ‘against all religions’ background.

Mathew, just like Prashad, supports the racist and anti-Hindu ideas of Kancha Ilaiah.  In fact, Mathew conducted an interview of Ilaiah on behalf of FOIL, as seen further in the report.

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3 responses to “Biju Mathew

  1. What we need is a spiritual leader like Khomeini or mullah Omar. I think you or one of your gurus can fill this void and thus present a focal point for activists. Of course, you may have to return back to India, but that is a small price to pay for a higher cause: “dharmo rakhsati rakshitah”

    • Dear H. Siddhanti,

      I like your sattire. I am obviously “humbled” by your gesture of giving me a high position to serve as a focal point for activists. But, I certainly cannot accept the stature of a Khomeini or Omar. In fact, the people I have written about (and the one you are commenting on here) have “gurus” or are “gurus” like the ones you are looking for. So, you may want to suggest it to them. Lynching Hindus and India is their “mantra” they recite it very well.

      Now, coming to the point – “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah” is exactly what I am doing. I am well aware of my Dharma and it is to expose the biases and malicious intentions of this nexus in the name of “human rights”, “secularism” and “justice”. This battle, my friend, is also being waged in the US of A, and that is where I am. I do not need to “come back to India” for that. There are youth and adults in India who are waking up to this and taking ownership there. My problem is that youth like me in America (who have spent almost all their life here) face prejudices regarding our heritage and race due to these people. Textbooks in America continuously point to pathetic and outdated theories about Hindus and Hinduism. There are many misportrayals of India and Hinduism thanks to the likes of FOIL and its cronies. Everything Hindu is looked at suspiciously by FOIL and Co. They make Hindus look like a bunch of “savages” that need to be put in their place by an outside force. When we raise objections or ask for fair treatment vis-a-vis other religions, we are spitted upon.

  2. A very well laid out argument. Hi from a brother in India. Keep up the battle, we have a half a billion souls from which people will take up this challenge. We will prevail.

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