About Me

I am a Hindu American youth who was born in India but brought up in the US.  I decided to create this site out of a growing frustration and concern that Hinduism and India are routinely demonized by individuals pretending to fight for ‘secularism’ and ‘human rights’; in reality, they follow a polluted Communist/Marxist agenda and support Islamic and Christian organizations at the expense of Hindus.  They deeply discount the human rights and grievances of Hindus and blame most of the problems of India on Hinduism.  Unfortunately, they have made professional careers out of blatantly inaccurate, highly out of context and racially charged books, articles and activities.

Most Hindus like me are unaware of their machinations, until we face prejudiced and racial views in high schools and colleges as well as in the media.  Fellow Hindu and Indian youth are often shocked and even believe the views and arguments put forth by such professors, academics and activists due to inertia on their part or a lack of deeper understanding of Hindu scriptures and Indian history.

We do not consider all Muslims as terrorists or fundamentalists.  In fact, many of us have close Muslim, Jewish and Christian friends.  We also do not support discrimination against any section of our society based on rigid and hierarchical structures and corruption of our religious texts.   We do, however, believe everyone has a fundamental right to practice her religion or spiritual path without being subject to ridicule and bigotry.

An Appeal:

I sincerely appeal to my fellow Hindus and Indians all over the world to go through this site and understand the game being played against our beloved heritage.  We are in this game, whether we like it or not.  And, the rules of the game favor our opponents.  Either we step up and level the playing field or get wiped out.  The impact of their strategies may not be felt immediately, but will certainly be felt over the years.

The Hindu community needs to unite against this rape of its heritage.  While there have been some excellent efforts in this space, the community as a whole has yet to go on the offensive and analyze those who ‘analyze’ us.

I am not a scholar and don’t claim this to be a scholarly work.  I have also not received help from any organization or group, domestic or foreign, but welcome feedback from anyone and everyone.

Abhimanyu Arjun