• Do you think Hinduism is spiritual fascism?
  • Do you think that the Ramayana is a book of colonizers?
  • Do you agree that the lives of Hindu deities are filled with all kinds of outrageous, deceitful and incestuous acts?
  • Do you think that Hinduism is a religion of violence where the killers have become Gods?
  • Do you think NRIs (non-Resident Indians) are slaves of corporate America that are motivated by issues of exploitation and oppression of “desis” and others in the US?
  • Do you agree that the Patel community of Gujarat sponsored or played a major role in the 2002 riots in Gujarat that killed many Muslims and Hindus?

The Forum of Inqualabi Leftists (FOIL) and its affiliates subscribe to the above views on Hinduism, India and the Hindu diaspora.  FOIL, an organization with deep Communist connections, is a part of a nexus of Indian Communist/Christian Missionary/Islamist organizations that work in tandem to demonize Hinduism and India.  According to them Hinduism has nothing good to offer and Indian society is nothing more than a mishmash of conflicting identities that should not exist together.  All problems of India are due to Hinduism.  Hence, a dire need exists for the West, led by the US, UK and other countries, to intervene in India’s internal matters and ‘emancipate’ the disadvantaged groups.

This site is dedicated to  exposing the malicious intentions of this nexus and has blossomed as a result of the report Forum of Intentional Liars: The Indian Communist/Christian Missionary/Islamist Nexus and Its Anti‐Hindu/Anti‐India Agenda, which was released on July 31, 2011.  You can download the full report in PDF here.

In the report, I illustrate the agenda of such groups as well as the key individuals, organizations and groups that are a part of this nexus.  In what is an extremely disturbing find, organizations such as Asha for Education and Association for India’s Development (AID) are also a part of this nexus and subscribe to a Communist/Marxist ideology.  Under the name of education and development, these organizations work with groups and individuals with known criminal records as well as history of violence (e.g. Naxalites of India).

Similarly, the FBI arrested Ghulam Nabi Fai of the Kashmiri American Council (KAC) on July 19, 2011 for being an agent of the Pakistani spy agency the ISI and for influencing US foreign policy on Kashmir against India (the eye-opening FBI Affidavit is available here).  KAC worked with FOIL and its affiliates like Friends of South Asia (FOSA) and Angana Chatterji  to routinely demonize Hindus, India and its government under “human rights abuses” while completely ignoring the plights of Kashmiri Pandits or the role of Pakistan in Kashmir.

Furthermore, I illustrate that this nexus is busy shaping the worldview on Hinduism and India.  And, it is not a pretty worldview.  Therefore, I urge you to please read the report and share it with all Hindu community members and organizations that you know.

I also welcome any feedback.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and share your thoughts.


5 responses to “Introduction

  1. Nice work bro. I have been following activities of FOIL off and on for many years now. Their anti-hindu, anti-India agenda has always been clear. But the sad thing is many young Indian-Americans support them.

    • Dear Ranger,

      Thanks. We need to wake up our fellow Indian-Americans. I was in the same boat and use to think – “how can all these educated professors and scholars be against Hinduism and India?” But, the sad thing is that they ARE.

      This information (and others like this site) needs to be shared with young Indian-Americans. For example, Asha for Education and Association for India’s Development (AID) are both active on campus under the guise of “education” and “development”. In reality, they are in bed with many of these Communist/Christian Missionary/Islamist groups to portray India as an “upper caste” nation that brutally oppresses its minorities and various “disadvantaged” groups.

      In the sections that discuss Asha and AID, I highlight the fact that both the orgs support Naxal terrorists (either by funding or by moral support) and are closely linked to various Communist parties in India and in Nepal. This itself should be proof enough to expose their true faces.

  2. While this is well compiled data on FOIL, what further needs to be exposed is the soft version of FOIL, the sundry South Asian organizations (and not just FOSA). You will find cross-pollination of FOIL elements in many if not all of the South Asian organizations as well. One such organization that I am personally aware of is a prominent NY based association. These groups are active in indoctrination of young Indian-Americans while masquerading under veneer of labels such as “secular”, “liberal”, etc. Their most effective strategy is to offer opportunities for career advancement through membership in their cabal. While FOIL and its direct affiliates propagates the hard version of their ideological trash, the South Asian organizations peddle the soft version of it. There goals though are more or less the same.

    • Dear Mr. Kumar,

      Just to clarify, this website/blog has much more information than just on FOIL. It includes information on Asha, AID and many others. In fact, you will find a list of various organizations and people mentioned in the “Orgs and People Discussed” section here.

      Your point is well taken though. There are numerous “South Asian” organizations that brainwash you Hindu/Indian Americans. In fact, every time an organization calls itself “South Asian”, I tend to see red flags. Interestingly, most Pakistani and Bangladeshi organizations never call themselves “South Asian”. Only the Indians are eager to do so!

      Any organization that invites any of these individuals or partners up with these organizations is either completely ignorant (in which case we need to educate it) or is complicit with their anti-Hindu/anti-India agenda (in which case we need to expose it also). For example, the Connecticut Chapter of GOPIO (Global Organization for People of Indian Origin) honored Vijay Prashad with a “Friend of GOPIO” award, along with Paul Semanski, a worker for Asha. Either GOPIO has no clue about Vijay Prashad’s anti-India/anti-Hindu tirades or is in the same boat is this man.

      You can email me about the organization you are referring to and I can try to get information on it to be published on this blog. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. A simple logic is that it is inhuman to ignore human rights of Kashmiri Pandits.

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